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Add a Touch of Magic To Your Event


Close Up Magic

Think of Zac Coveney as another party guest! He becomes part of your event, introducing himself to each group and performing incredible magic right in front of your eyes. 

Perfect for up to 100 guests at a tabled function

Suitable for: Weddings, Corporate, Parties

Stage Magic

Sit back and get ready to experience the magic! Zac Coveney will take the stage for a night of mind blowing magic! Watch as your friends, family and colleagues become part of the show, creating spontaneous moments of laughter and wonder!

Perfect for larger events

Suitable for: Theatres, Corporate Events, Weddings, Festivals, School/Community Events, Television

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Looking for a Podcast Guest? Do you need a performer for Radio or Television? Need a Creative Consultant for your next project? 

Zac Coveney has a highly diverse skillset and can cater to your needs.

Send an enquiry via the form below to see what Zac Coveney can do for you.

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