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"The Wonderist"


My name is Zac Coveney.

I perform shows, create magic, and write.

You'll usually catch me wowing crowds at cocktail parties, private gatherings, weddings, and corporate events with my mind-bending blend of magic, storytelling and mind reading.

Every now and then, I also take my show on the road and perform in wonderful venues all over the world.

In essence, I carve spaces for delightful mysteries, rekindling our innate thirst for wonder.

Experience the Magic


On Stage

Zac Coveney crafts an enigmatic and suspenseful atmosphere for his audience, evoking a profound sense of wonder and curiosity in his captivating stage performances.

Having successfully authored, presented, and produced four solo theater shows in the past, Coveney is currently working on his fifth production scheduled for 2024.


Up Close

Zac Coveney roams through the room, seeking out those intrigued by the magic he offers.

Every table receives a unique performance, ensuring that each group departs with their own tale - a distinct glimpse into another realm of possibility.

Live Dates

Upcoming Shows

14th June, 2024
The Supernatural Brothers

The Supernatural Brothers with Support from Zac Coveney. Live at An Spailpin Fanach, South Main Street, Cork. 

An Spailpin Fanach, Cork

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