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Zac Coveney is one of Ireland's leading entertainers. He has performed in 13 countries worldwide to date. See some of his previous projects and performances below.

Work in Progress (2023)

Zac Coveney is currently in the process of designing another show that he hopes to debut in 2023. Zac hopes to compile some of his best work to date into one amazing show. Stay tuned for more information on where this show will be appearing!

Strange Magic (2020)

Strange Magic was a once off performance delivered by Zac Coveney for Perform Ireland Festival at the RDS in Dublin in 2020. Zac explores the weird and wonderful world of magic and brings his audience on an unforgettable journey into his world. 

A Series of Magical Events (2021)

A Series of Magcial Events was a limited run of shows delivered virtually over Zoom throughout the Covid-19 Pandemic. The audience were in control and decided how they wanted the show to end. Each decision they made throughout the event had an impact of the outcome of the show.

Conman (2019)

Zac Coveney brings his audience into the nefarious world of the conman. Throughout the show, Zac demonstrates the skills used by criminals and conmen to cheat at card games, transform money and scam innocent people.

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