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Adventures Only Happen To The Adventurous...

If you know me, you know I love a good adventure! This year, I decided to bite the bullet and fulfil my lifelong dream of travelling the world! I've only ever left Ireland a handful of times before and with the last 2 years of being stuck indoors thanks to the big bad virus (I'm not even going to say the C word anymore!), the cabin fever is real! I'm excited and extremely grateful to have this opportunity to see the world and experience new sights, cultures and ways of life.

I'm starting off in Europe next weekend, heading to Paris to commence my journey. Along the way I'll hit Switzerland, Italy, Slovenia (never thought I'd go here!), Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic, Poland, Germany and The Netherlands. And of course I'll be sharing some magic with everyone I meet too!

Along the way, I want to document the adventure so I can look back on it later and also so I can share it with all of you. Stay tuned to this journal and follow me on social media @zaccoveney to make sure you stay up to date with everything I'll be doing!

You'll hear from me very soon...

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